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About Me

Hello all,

I’m a French C++ developer in Aerospace industry. As such, this blog will be about C++. However, most of my C++ posts will be in French (sorry guys).

I’ve also been a vimmer for quite some times now. Vim posts should be in English. And they’ll be about my plugins suites hosted partially on google-code, and on github.

If you want to contact me, if it’s related my plugins, try the trackers from github. I welcome enhancement/feature suggestions, bugs and misspelling notifications, etc.

You can also send an email to lh-vim-users group, or directly send me an email to hermitte{at}free{dot}fr.
However, sometimes my email server has an odd behaviour, and all my outgoing emails are likely to be filtered out by spamcops-like bots. Send me an email to luc{dot}hermitte{at}gmail{dot}com, if you suspect your email was lost somewhere – I consult my gmail mailbox something like twice a month ^^'

Last thing, as French law doesn’t let me put all my code snippets under Public Domain, let’s say that they are available under BSD 3 clauses license, and under MIT license, and under Boost Software License, and under GPL v3 license, and even under CC 0. Choose the one that fits you best.